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Save energy by switching over to LED and/or CFL lighting. Avoid excessive heat and air conditioning usage in offices, warehouses and plants. Check insulation on doors, windows, loading areas and ceilings. Don't keep computers on overnight -- PCs and monitors represent one percent of U.S. electricity use. And, according to the EPA, approximately half of this energy is wasted when machines are left on overnight or not set in the 'sleep mode.'


Recycle your company's paper, plastics, glass, cans, equipment, parts, and all other materials that can be recycled. Look for (and use) recyclable products. Find out where your nearest recycling center is located, and designate an employee(s) to coordinate.


Reuse boxes, packaging, containers and even shipping envelopes. Save waste materials from production that can be reused. Repair, paint and/or find alternative uses for office supplies, fixtures, furnishings, etc. Purchase used items and/or donate items that can be used by non-profits (for a tax deduction by your company).


Conserve fuel by avoiding unnecessary driving trips/deliveries -- teleconference and telecommute. Encourage employee carpooling where possible, and the use of public transportation, walking or riding bikes. Keep fleet vehicles in-tune and tires inflated properly -- burn green fuels. Trade down SUVs to more fuel-efficient automobiles. At home, go from three cars to two; or better yet, two to one. Consider buying a hybrid or plug-in. A vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon adds 50 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over its lifetime; while a 40-mpg car emits only have that.


Alternative, renewable, sustainable energy is available in the form of solar panels, portable solar-powered devices, rooftop wind turbines, and from green energy companies. In some areas you can also purchase your electricity from green power companies; or even purchase carbon offset 'credits.'


Eco-friendly produced materials purchased from a vendor, pass their reduced carbon-footprint on to your company (chain of custody); and subsequently you can passit on to your clients. Buy and manufacture green!


Non-toxic chemicals are available to replace most cleaners, solvents and production materials that are classified as pollutants. In many instances, the 'green' alternatives work just as well, and will save your business money previously spent on regulatory disposal methods.


Keep it beautiful... Create and/or preserve green space(s) around your building. Plant / landscape to improve the nearby enviroment. Clean up offices, warehouse, plant and parking areas.


Search, read, share, network... Discuss environmental policy ideas among employees. See what other companies are doing successfully, and give something a try... Start small and grow as you become more familiar with the processes, materials and economics of going green.


Green Printing can provide a means of instantly reducing your environmental impact without breaking your budget. Contact KB OFFSET for the many options available to your company.
KB is now FSC certified.

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