What does FSC® certified mean?
FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an independent non-profit promoting responsible management of the world's forests.

Chain of Custody certification monitors material used to manufacture paper from forest to paper mill to consumer. FSC® -labeled paper originats from well-managed forests, controlled sources and reclaimed materials.

What is Environment-Friendly or Green Printing?
Green printing, or environmentally-friendly printing, refers to a process whereby the overall 'carbon footprint' of producing printed matter relies on the use of recycled and non-toxic materials, as well as sustainable and renewable energy in its manufacture.

Getting started with your printed materials is as easy as requesting recycled paper. And, you'll be surprised to find out how much of the stock and packaging you are already using are made from post-consumer waste and recycled materials. These days, recycled paper doesn't mean you have to see the fibers in the sheet. Modern non-toxic bleaching methods allow for bright white and solid color stock in all weights and sizes.

But paper is only the first step... There are vegetable oil based inks that conform to ASA standards with less than 5 percent volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), and safer solvents that replace poisonous chemicals. Green printers such as KB OFFSET purchase many materials that are already prepared using renewable energy (such as paper from FSC® certified companies). This is referred to as 'Chain of Custody' -- where every step in the process is checked for environmentally-friendly practices.

KB also utilizes everything from low-watt LED and CFL bulbs that produce bright work areas with less energy consumption to solar powered servers -- keeping this website's (and your) carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

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